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Company Notice: New ERP Program

On July 18th, 2016, MWGF went live with our new custom designed computer software program that enables us to do many things that we were not able to do prior to the change. Listed below are just a few of many changes that have put us in a more serviceable position for our customers.

  • We have CAD drawings on the confirmations so our customers can double check their order 100%.
  • Our CAD system is streamlined from Order Entry to the CNC department.
  • Quality issues are caught immediately therefore shipping delays will be negligible.
  • Our drivers upload delivery information as they complete the delivery so the customer has control of real time quality.
  • Full control in managing the Kentucky facility from our location in Michigan.

Going forward, we will soon be implementing a module within our website that will also allow our customers to quote and order their glass products online.

Thank you for your business and your patience in seeing us through to this point. We hope that you will find this new system to be a positive change in working with MWGF.

Commercial & Residential

Midwest Glass Fabricators - The Finest Fabricating Machinery

The Finest Fabricating Machinery

Midwest Glass Fabricators prides itself on having and maintaining the finest fabricating machinery available. This allows us to produce custom products of high quality and also provide unique fabricated products.

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Expertly crafts custom glass for residential and commercial applications. 

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Tailor made to our customers specifications with quantity ranging from a single prototype to small and medium sized manufacturing runs.

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Work directly with our in-house engineering team to get the job done to your specifications

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Delivery Area & Schedules

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    MWGF routinely delivers to customers throughout the Mid West Region. Please call or email for a full list of our Read More
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