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Hold Tolerance

Midwest Glass Fabricators Hold Tolerance
  • Customers can request hold tolerance for a fee

  • For customer-supplied patterns, call MWGF if hold tolerance is required


  • Fabricated material is always + 0, - overall size

  • all tolerances are up to the size noted

Dimensional Tolerances

Measure the perpendicular distance from edge to edge, include flares and bevels. 

Rectangular Shapes

Dimensional Toerance for rectangular shapes

Nonrectangular Shapes

  • Use same thickness tolerance as rectangular shapes 

  • Linear Dimensions - use length and width requirements

  • Curvilinear Dimensions - specify and negotiate with MWGF 

Dimensional Tolerances - Heat Treated Flat Glass

Thickness Tolerance: Follow guidelines above

Length & Width Tolerances

Rectangular Shapes

Nonrectangular Shapes

Dimensional tolerances for rectangular shapes of heat treated flat glass

Must be specified and negotiated with MWGF​

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