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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass, Auto Clave

Bullet Resistant


At Midwest Glass Fabricators, we specialize in the process of making laminated glass, offering a wide range of products from residential to commercial applications. We provide our clients with the highest level of quality and excellent service every time.

Laminated Glass, Laminated Glass Line

Our laminated line is able to run a maximum of 95"x178"

We can do any range of thickness from 1/4" to 3"

* We do not laminate textured glass.


Laminated glass is a type of safety glass produced by bonding two or more glass layers together with an interlayer. The interlayer acts as a cushioning material and is usually made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). After the interlayer is applied, the glass is placed in an autoclave, a pressure vessel, to heat and pressurize the assembly. This process helps to bond the interlayer to the glass and ensures a strong, durable product. Once cooled, the laminated glass is ready to be used in a variety of applications.

Cut to Size Laminate

Cut to size laminated glass is an alternative way to get the safety and security of laminated glass without the wait time. It is a great solution for when you want a quick turnaround and don't have the time to wait for traditional laminated glass. Cut to size laminated glass is pre-cut from a large sheet of laminated glass, meaning that it can be delivered to you much faster than if you were to order a custom made piece. It is a great option for those who are looking for a cost-effective and time efficient solution for their glass fabricator needs.

Laminated Glass, Laminated cutting table, glass cutting table

Current make ups we offer:

  • 1/4" Clear over Clear. With 0.30" PVB

  • 1/4" Bronze over Bronze. With .030" PVB

  • 1/4" Grey over Grey. With .030" PVB

Stock Laminated Glass

To help with lead time for our clients we are now offering stock size laminated glass. 


36" x 84"

42" x 84"

48" x 96"

60" x 120"


36" x 84"


48" x 84"

Quantity discounts available!

*Sizes are subject to change. 


Midwest Glass offers a variety of interlayer options to fit your project. Interlayers are a glue like film that goes in-between two or more pieces of glass. This allows when the glass to break for the laminated glass to stay together as one piece of glass.

From canopies and handrails to Bullet Resistant glass interlayers are the key part of the laminated make up. 


Is an interlayer is for indoor and outdoor use. This interlayer is used when you need your glass to stay rigged in the case of breakage.

We carry thickness of .035 clear and .031 translucent white.


Is an interlayer for indoor use where there is no moisture present. The interlayer is used to strengthen the glass Durability 

We carry a variety of thicknesses: .015, .030, and .060 with color of clear, opaque white, and translucent white. 


Is an interlayer that can be used for indoor and out door use. Unlike PVB it can be used in moist environments.

We carry a variety of thicknesses: .015, and .030 with color of clear, opaque white, and translucent white. 

*Interlayers can be stacked to get the desired thickness.

Additional colors may be available reach out to our Laminated team to inquire


Midwest Glass Fabricators is the perfect choice to get all of your glass fabrication needs met. Our commercial department specializes in custom-designing glass handrails to perfectly fit your space.


Post Polish

Midwest Glass Fabricators offers high-quality glass fabrication services, including post-polish lami that gives the glass a cleaner look and a smooth finish. Our expert team of fabricators is dedicated to providing the best services in the industry.


Midwest Glass Fabricators is the perfect choice to get all of your glass fabrication needs met. Our commercial department specializes in custom-designing glass canopies to perfectly fit your space.


Invisible Shield

To find out more

A solvent coating that is designed to prevent cleaning of glass. Designed to protect against water and soap scum it also provides additional benefits that can be used for your laminated glass needs. 

With scratch resistance of 92.2% being used on additional applications will help protect and keep clean all your glass needs. 

Bullet Resistant

Is glass that is made with multiple layers of laminated glass and is designed to displace the energy of ballistic rounds like those of handguns, assault rifles, and automatic weapons, flattening or catching the bullet(s) and preventing them from penetrating. This will offer the highest level of protection to both property and people. 

Bullet-resistant glass is designed to be installed in conjunction with bullet-resistant architectural framing for the maximum effectiveness.

*Bullet resistant glass is installed without reinforced framing, or when existing plain glass is only retrofitted with protective film, a highly secure, bullet-resistant environment is not established. 

We are able to meet your security glass needs with bullet resistant glass certifications

We offer levels 1 through 7 and 9 UL Certification

If you need additional information regarding Bullet Resistant certification review the following. 

"Bullet Proof" Glass Exists When we hear the term "Bullet Proof Glass" we think of something impenetrable by bullets and perfeclty safe for us for as long as we remain separated from our attackers by the structure. This is a myth because the truth is no glass is completely impenetrable by bullets. The proper term for even the strongest of security glass is "bullet-resistant" glass. This means the galss consitutes as a barrier that delays bullet penetration. In other words, it would take multiple bullets to breach the barrier. The caliber and velocity it takes to breach the glass depends on the thickness and material makeup of the barrier and the type of firearm being used. UL (Underwriters Laboratory) has developed the most widely accepted set of quality stands for bullet resistant glass. The classification of resistance is based upon how many shots and from what caliber weapon it takes to penetrate the glass. There is no such things as BULLETPROOF glass.

Glass Film Stops Bullets Glass films are not bullet-resistant by themselves. They only prevent spalling, which is fragmenting and spreading of glass towards the protective side of the glass, which prevents injury from jlying glass in an attack. It is not bullet-resistant.

Laminated Glass is Bullet-Resistant Laminated glass with a regular interlayer Polyvinyl Betyral (PVB) is not bullet-resistant, it is safety-glass. It is simply glass that holds together when shattered, creating a spider web cracking pattern and preventing the glass from breaking into pieces. It is not bullet-resistant.

Bullet Resistant


Laminated glass is an ideal choice for acoustic use because it can effectively reduce the transmission of sound. Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass that are bonded together with a plastic interlayer. This combination helps to absorb and reduce the noise that passes through, making it ideal for use in soundproofing. Laminated glass can be used to create soundproof walls, floors, and other surfaces that can help reduce noise pollution in the home or office.

Hurricane Glass

Midwest Glass is proud to offer our newest addition to our glass fabrication services: hurricane glass. By working with Eastman and their interlayers, we can provide superior protection from storm damage. Our hurricane glass is designed to be impact resistant and will remain intact during wind, rain, and hail. With our hurricane glass, you can rest assured that your property is safe from the elements. Contact us today to learn more about our hurricane glass and how it can protect your home or business.

*If looking for Miami Dade certification this requires both glass and framing to be certified. We can provide all Hurricane glass needs but not certified for Miami Dade

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