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Laminated Glass Quality Standards

ASTM provides only basic guidelines for laminated glass​ - UNITS WITH TWO OR MORE LAYERS MAY CONTAIN MORE ALLOWABLE BLEMISHES

  • Visual inspection process applies.

  • Blemish Guidelines for individual lites still apply. 

  • Units with more than 2 lites may contain more allowable blemishes.

  • Mirrors w/ silver on side 4 may contain more allowable blemishes. At this time MWGF cannot guarantee ASTM due to the inability to inspect. For more information contact MWGF.

  • ASTM Maximum allowable laminating process blemishes for overhead glazing's has different standards, contact MWGF if more information is needed on this. 


Quality Standards for Laminated Glass

Laminated Length & Width Tolerances

  • Tolerance includes cutting and fabrication of the individual lites and mismatch of the lites after lamination.

  • For any piece of 75ft² please contact MWGF for length and width tolerances. 

Quality Standards for laminated glass length and width

Laminated Thickness Tolerance

  • Always consult MWGF directly for laminated thickness questions and concerns. 

  • Basic ASTM guidelines are as follows: 

Quality Standards for laminated glass thickness

Laminated Bowing

Quality standards for laminated glass bowing
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