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Quality Standards 

MWGF follows ASTM Standards as a base line, and in fact uses stricter guidelines than those provided by ASTM. 

Based on machine capabilities and our own quality standards. 

These guidelines allow for certain defects and variations in fabricated and non-fabricated product. 

  • The ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) Set standards for a variety of industries. 

    • The ASTM's glass industry standards provide guidelines for allowable defects, quality, and how to visually inspect glass for: ​

      • Flat Glass​

      • Heat-strengthened and Tempered glass

      • Laminated Glass

      • Insulated GLass

  • Generally, use Quality 3 standards


  • MWGF Terms & Conditions

  • ASTM

    • ASTM C1036​

    • ASTM C1048

    • ASTM C1172

    • ASTM C1376

  • "When is a Defect not a Defect? ATM Glass standards for General Contractors"

    • Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors​

  • Abridged Inspection Criteria - Fleetwood Windows & Doors

  • ASTM C 1048 Tempered Glass; Hole and Notch Guidelines - Syracuse Glass Company


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