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Order Cancellation Policy

If your order needs to be canceled, please follow the following information to complete our cancellation policy. 

  • A phone call MUST be made to (248) 889-7900 to begin the cancellation process.

    • To have same day cancellation, the call must be before 3 PM EST. 

      • Times may vary dependent on holiday hours. ​

  • After the phone call is complete, a follow up email must be sent with the request to begin the order cancellation. ​

    • Email must be sent to

    • This emails subject line must include the word cancel to insure the most timely response

      • If this step is not followed the email will go into our normal queue which may cost you additional fees once request is processed

  • If the order is already in production, the customer will be charged for whatever has been done to the glass. The customer will also be responsible for any ordered material. A charge of $200 or 10% of the order, whichever is higher, will apply as a cancellation fee. 

  • The customer may request glass to be delivered as is or MWGF can dispose of glass. 

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