Coming Soon: expansion into laminated glass

Midwest Glass Fabricators is expanding their plant in Highland MI. As part of the expansion Midwest Glass will be doubling the size of their existing plant (current facility is 50,000 square feet, the expansion is 55,000 square feet). This expansion will include the addition of a laminating line with the capability of producing the largest laminate glass in MI. Midwest Glass is a nationwide glass fabrication company delivering directly to; MI, OH, IN, KY, TN and through carrier across the rest of the US.

Providing laminate glass to our commercial customers is a priority, currently in the markets we serve we see a large gap between demand and capability. Our laminating line will be the largest in the area and we really want to make sure we can produce a quality product that meets the needs of safety changes in the IBC as well as architectural designs for engineered systems. The other reason for introducing laminated glass at Midwest Glass Fabricators is to research and develop a cost-effective ballistic glazing solution for the market. We see this as a growing market and one that would be well serviced with a cost effective approach to help widen the reach and use of security glass.

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