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Many changes have occurred in our Engineering Department over the past year to ensure that your projects are run smoothly, effectively, and with a high attention to detail. Our procedures have been refined to produce competitive and thorough quotations typically within 2-3 days. More complex projects are analyzed thoroughly by our in-house engineering staff, and when things aren’t designed properly – we provide solutions to help make the proposal presentation to your customer more successful. Having a reliable source for materials makes you successful with your customer, and partnering with Midwest Glass allows you the opportunity to essentially have an off-site project manager that allows you to write the P.O., and move onto another portion of the project that requires your direct attention. After the P.O. is written, we perform a thorough review of the estimating documents, generate shop drawings and submittal documents, and provide you a timeline of the project from our perspective so that you can properly schedule the project on your end. You can trust us to do the work, identify issues, and present you with an accurate submittal package with minimal oversight. From the moment firm dimensions have been received, to the point at which you receive product onsite – our lead times are second to none. Typically, smaller custom projects with standard hardware carry a lead time of 1-2 weeks. More complicated projects are usually 2-3 weeks from date of release when hardware is pre-ordered. We take great pride in being a supplier you can count on to set you apart from the competition. Having consistent lead times and being provided with constant schedule updates, allows you to communicate accurate information to your customer, and gain a comfort level running high-level projects.

"Always a pleasure working with MWGF, from the very simple projects to the large complex projects their quality and craftsmanship is always top notch."  - Mark Kline Grand Valley Glass

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