MWGF insulated pans

Insulated Pans:

With curtain wall construction conductive heat is primarily controlled through insulation. Insulated back pans are used for this application behind opaque panels and spandrel glass.

MWGF Insulpans are made using Roxul Curtainrock 40/80 or similar insulation. These insulated units are designed to fit on the interior side of curtain wall or panels. The insulation can be pin welded, glued, or strapped to the pan depending on the needs of the project.

MWGF Insulpans come in a verity of profiles and are available in 22ga galvanized steel or other thickness as required by the project. All fastening and installation in the field are the responsibility of the glazier. All Insulpans are corner welded and sealed. MWGF Insulpans can be powder coated depending on the application to achieve a specific aesthetic.

MWGF Insulpans can be developed for any application and the depth of the pan is customizable based on the project needs.

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