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Quality Standards 

MWGF follows ASTM Standards as a base line.

Based on machine capabilities and our own quality standards. 

These guidelines allow for certain defects and variations in fabricated and non-fabricated products. 

  • The ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) Set standards for a variety of industries. 

    • The ASTM's glass industry standards provide guidelines for allowable defects, quality, and how to visually inspect glass for: ​

      • Flat Glass​

      • Heat-strengthened and Tempered glass

      • Laminated Glass

      • Insulated Glass

  • We use Quality 3 standards when reviewing glass.


  • MWGF Terms & Conditions

  • ASTM

    • ASTM C1036​

    • ASTM C1048

    • ASTM C1172

    • ASTM C1376

  • "When is a Defect not a Defect? ATM Glass standards for General Contractors"

    • Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors​

  • Abridged Inspection Criteria - Fleetwood Windows & Doors

  • ASTM C 1048 Tempered Glass; Hole and Notch Guidelines - Syracuse Glass Company


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